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We exist to educate people about the signs and symptoms of Male Cancers and the importance of early detection, to remind them to regularly self-check their testicles and to reduce embarrassment and stigma relating to Male Cancers.



Cahonas Scotland is a Scottish charity dedicated to raising awareness about Male Cancers (Testicular, Breast and Prostate Cancer). We exist to educate men, and their partners on the importance of regular self-checks.

We are here to talk bollocks! And, to reduce stigma and embarrassment surrounding Male Cancers, provide support and vital information about men's health issues.

Early detection means a more effective treatment. Our goal is to get men to talk freely about their health, to spread the importance of checking their testicles, and to get others to do it.

We want to bring positive change in Male Cancer Awareness, and we're working closely with organizations and individuals in promoting men's health issues. Our charity campaigns Tartan Checks, Loosen Up! and We Moustache You have spread the significance of being proactive about Male Cancers.

If you want to help, volunteer or just talk, feel free to contact us. We appreciate your support. Let's talk testicles!

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